About Us

What’s This All About?

Supporting ERHS and ERMS to improve and boost their buildings, properties, events and activities.  To include all ages, all generations and all backgrounds.  These students and athletes are our future, we CAN make a difference.

Bridging the Gap

Cultivate and encourage the alumni, community, students, teachers, coaches and administrators to become engaged and develop an atmosphere of unity and success.  Close the gap between generations including alumni from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc. by coming together for presentations and activities, interactive learning about school’s history, current ways of learning and futuristic school environment.

Mentorship – Can I Really Help?

Create an environment of mentoring students and athletes to increase awareness for schools’ needs and facilitating an effort to develop a true community relationship.

Help Build It!

Help build it is a recurring theme that describes the efforts for the football stadium as well as building the community connection that can be shared with the schools, alumni and supporters. The stadium is really the first steps and first project to kickoff this movement. The foundation to continue building the link to bind East Ridge supporters together.

Feedback – What’s Next?

All feedback is welcome, even negative feedback, if it is presented with respect and ideas for resolution of an issue and/or problem.  The source of goals and objectives has been borne from the alumni monthly meetings and networking.  The next step is to form each committee, organize fundraisers and kick-start this journey – Join Us!